And the Winner is...

… XXHugeOneXX from Athens, Greece. Followed by RealMr13Inch from the USA and Andrea from Italy.   Last night, Monstercockland was happy to present XXHugeOneXX with the award during the Hustlaball reception in the Connection Club Berlin.   Tonight, XXHugeOneXX, together with Gerry, is the big star of the Monstercockland show on the main stage of Hustlaball 2023 in Berlin's KitKat Club.

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by Meat4men 4 months ago

Whip it out !!!

by rambonefam 4 months ago

I have jerked off to this guy I can't tell you how many times. Not only does he have a beautifully proportioned huuuuge cock, he has a nice body and handsome face, and puts on a good show - none of that frantic fapping one sees so often. I don't understand how some of the commentators below can have such negative attitudes. It's quite clear he has a world-class cock, and an actually rather modest demeanor about it all.

by rambonefam 4 months ago

Actually, there are a number of vids of him here on MCL. Here is my playlist:

by williebrowne 4 months ago

Rambone's description seems to be borne out by this solo clip of the guy: 'An ample serving of Greek yogurt' But I'm surprised that no one (not even Rambone himself) has posted any other stuff on him.

by sexualtourist 4 months ago


by jayson4u2day 4 months ago

I know for a fact that some clips of the winner, XXhugeoneXX, have been posted here hours ago, but have yet to appear. Doesn't MCL want us to see them? Why?

by carlocazzone 4 months ago

Yes, I posted a couple of them myself.

by sorcererdude 4 months ago

huge bulge!

by ziamaria 4 months ago

those cocks are not girthy

by Hotrob5770 4 months ago

Damn the zipper is about to BUST!

by stuey 4 months ago

Good to see a winner actually go to the event! Deserved winner, very hot too.