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by pigpin 8 months ago

Vadim gets a taste of his own medicine for sure.

by untvoice 10 months ago

Usually a top because of his big cock, it is hot to see Vadim take a horse dick up his ass. And clearly loving it. There are several videos posted where he bottoms for some seriously hung men.

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That top was in heaven punching that hole, Vadim is amazing.

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Holy fuck. This is my introduction to johnnyropexxl.

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ass rape?? why do gay people like this exist.. ????????

by sluttybitch 2 years ago

Someone teach Vadim how to suck properly, lol poor top pulled it out of his mouth a few times the whole video looks awkward.........

by xxlalphabulge 2 years ago

Johnny is just too big for him.

by xxlalphabulge 2 years ago

Johnny has such an amazing cock