And the Winner is …

… Marvin from Stuttgart, Germany. Followed by Roy from Lancaster, USA and Jesse from Antwerp, Belgium. Unfortunately, Marvin could not make it to the Hustlaball Reception in Berlin this Thursday. But we were able to give him his award in advanced and he sent us this great „Thank You“ message. This year’s Hustlaball was amazing. We shot over 3 hours of exclusive Monstercock-footage including mind-blowing backstage action with the 2 uncut giants Wade Wolfgar and Riko Solid. Will be published within the next weeks.

Comments (19)

by stuey 1 year ago

Every year they can’t make it to the Hustlaball…. Just disqualify them and go to the next candidate who respects the award and isn’t chasing attention.

by sdmuscle4muscle 1 year ago

Yuck. Another gross, shaved German dick. Very below average.

by bigpenguin 1 year ago

And the winner is...

Someone slightly above average from Germany, shock.

Every years winner has been nothing special and from Germany...

by pompanomas8 1 year ago

Please use the USA ruler. My buddy's cock is 12 inches. all that this contest is a little above the average of cock sizes. You are all ridiculous.

by mr_ed0950 1 year ago

check out my 13+

by buggerboy 1 year ago

Such a joke, the black dude dwarfed the winner.

by mr_ed0950 1 year ago

and im bigger than he is

by RobHarmon 1 year ago

I'm bigger than he is, too, mr. ed., but i didn't enter the contest. Did you? Congrats to Marvin.

by mr_ed0950 1 year ago

Did you see my monster?

by Michelsp 1 year ago

show us your tool.

by diez909 1 year ago

I like his voice.

by Hoggobbler 1 year ago

I was voting for Roy but I do have to say that big German cock is nice. Thickness is more important to me than length. My perfect cock is 9X8. I love how that fills me up

by mr_ed0950 1 year ago

Im a lot bigger than he is

by HenniVERS 1 year ago

so next year you can shine and rise ?????????

by egonmechel 1 year ago

Congratulations to the winner! I Just one comment to the contest: The pictures of the 3rd place Jesse from Belgium now clearly show that his former contest pictures had all been morphed. His cock is just a litte above average. I would suggest, that in future contests any participant submitting morphed and/or fake picture be excluded from the contest immediately. It is not fair for the other participants because they ended up on a lower place due to the 3rd place using morphed pictures....

by henner 1 year ago

Agree yes someone should be moderating the photos, there were a lot of morphed ones using filters or photoshop. But still think the winner here has beautiful cock.