Backstage with the Monstercock-Superstars

Monstercockland provides you an exclusive insight into the best kept secret of Hustlaball Berlin: The legendary backstage area. See donkey-cock-superstars Gianni Maggio and Andy Onassis comparing their sizes, Victor Rom Visser and Mark Foxx getting their nobs sucked for the ultimate hardon later on stage, and also Monstercockland Contest Winners Riko Solid and MikeManMassage fooling around with their super fat uncut dongs.

Comments (7)

by Onomotopeia 4 months ago

ALLLLLLLL of 'em are TRIMIX QUEENS,Guy!! The only way a guy could keep their dick ROCK HARD FOR HOURS is if their 22 and haven't gotten off in 6 months!!!

by Shanejohn 2 years ago

Ugly ass mofos.

by horsedicklover 4 years ago


by xxlalphabulge 4 years ago

Always so much fun to hang around with all those fellow mega hung dudes. But I always have to film the event, so its hardly no time that they can play with me, too. (at least not during hustlaball :-) ))

by 23cm_uc_XXL 4 years ago

OMG. And want to be there and the one who is sucking everybody hard. Can I please do that next time? Where do I need to apply?

by Videohouse 4 years ago

I am not digging Armond Rizzo's big hair of late.

by arschloch1970 4 years ago

gianni injected maggio!