The winners of the New Monstercock Superstar Contest 2019

Number 1: Johnny Rope (aka Metroboy) from Frankfurt, Germany. Followed by Riko Solid and MikeManMassage from the UK. Unfortunately, Johnny Rope could not make it to the Hustlaball Awards Show in Berlin this Friday. But we were able to give him the award in advanced and shoot some hot scenes with him, including his first ever bareback-fuck on film. Riko Solid and MikeManMassage were happy to receive their MonsterCockAwards on the same stage, where they did a hot MonsterCock Porn-Show just a couple of hours later. Videos about all these amazing events will follow in the next couple of days.

Comments (8)

by sdmuscle4muscle 2 years ago

yuck.....shaved cocks.....barf

by anonymous 4 years ago

Great cock

by starflyer34 5 years ago

Also mal ehrlich alle nicht hübsch und was bringt ein langer Schwanz wenn der Rest nicht stimmt

by MegaSchwanzTyp 3 years ago

In 90% der Fälle gewinnt immer der mit dem größten Schwanz...

by 20boy 5 years ago

Yeah hi says 23 on videos/photos its looks like 18-20 ...
His cock has average look no nice cock head and no nice skin texture .
The problem with this competition is its about who can click more time on that button...

by gurken 5 years ago

so many more much better looking cocks on here!!!!! why is he a winner??? don´t understand this.???..his cock is not big, neither has he a beautiful cockhead and the whole package isn´t quiet handsome....maybe he has a lot of freinds who voted for him??

by lualua 5 years ago

not big? LOL 23cms, HELLOOOOOOOO........

by crazykid2829 5 years ago