MCL Exclusive: Gianni Maggio fucks live on stage

Gianni Maggio is one of my most favorite Monstercock-Stars, I have been talking to him for quite some time on twitter and was happy to finally meet and film him using his enormous tool on Santi Noguera. Hope you enjoy. (BTW: That strobe lightning at KitKatKlub was too intense, that there is no way to get the picturequality any better. That quality here is ,what comes out when you use a TV-format (XAVC-QFHQ) camera. Filming that on a phone in h.264 compression would bring out complete unwatchable pictures.)

Comments (4)

by thomasdegas 9 months ago

i would loose respect for any man who did live sex shows like farm animals

by NChungbottom 9 months ago

I think there’s a strong correlation between guys who do live sex shows not giving a shit about who you respect

by MCLXIV1164 5 years ago

when the top's ass is nicer than the bottom's. LOL

by FreakMuscleXXL 4 years ago

Haha, my best friend is hung like Gianni but his ass is totally amazing, too (bodybuilder like me). He is a total top, but always get's compliments about his ass. I guess, if he were a bottom, he could get all cocks with his ass.