Matt Ramsey

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Matt and friends lose their supposed boat then lose their drawers and inhibitions when they work an alternative plan

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by Mmmmmuscle 14 years ago

Matt's cum volume was always legendary.

by BlaqJm18 14 years ago

Matt really needs to do gay porn again. His career would really gain a boost if he did!!

by argus3906 14 years ago

Ok, gropied, and OK, gdr2009--for one of you it's a novelty, and to the other it's nostalgia time. But WHAT THE FUCK does either have to do with this site--monstercockland? Shall I start posting Kukla Fran & Ollie re-runs because "I grew up watching them?"

by gropied 14 years ago

I love seeing new (to me) gay clips of Peter North!

by gdr2009 14 years ago

i grew up watching Peter North do all kinds of girls, its so awesome to see him in an old seedy gay porn flick....loved it!

by roccobene 14 years ago

Once more I have to ask: since when does a cumshot (no matter how copious) decide the worth of a posting on a site that's SUPPOSED to be about monster cocks?

by anders61 14 years ago

excellent!!!thnx for posting!!

by drfager 14 years ago

5 star cum shot 4* cocks!

by laserax17 14 years ago

love to see him in a bi scene