Vintage precondom Ed Wiley 3-way

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Ed Wiley, or

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by Hoggobbler 4 years ago

There is only music and fake dubbed grunting. I used to own this video on VHS, Falcon Video pack #6. Loved this, used to suck my Italian big dick lover in front of a mirror while watching this vid. Wasn't into fucking then because of AIDS. Wish I had him back now that we have prep and I've become a big dick loving bottom

by maverickhorse 6 years ago

Take Me Home

by hornyswede 15 years ago

great vid!!! hot men...would have been just perfect with sound...

by tsia 15 years ago

oh god, dream men or what......if only sex could be that that now.

by homonormativity 15 years ago

Sorry there's no sound. My Mac must be missing a codec.

by hungmixedlad 15 years ago

...arggh!! the good old bad old days ah? nothing like em' if only things didn't turn out the way they did..!!? but sayin that all these new movies could learn a thing or 2 fromthese oldies..!?

by lifterbill 15 years ago

ED WILEY.....a true horse

by btx 2 months ago

Yeah. Such a long fucking dick. There is one video where he gets sucked from behind and that thing just sticks out from under his ass so damn far.

by janosik500 15 years ago

no sound but great video

by maydayparade 15 years ago


by homonormativity 15 years ago

Try again and let me know... it works for me.