Vintage pre-condom interracial

Stars Brad Leatherwood, billed as Big Ben here, well hung and almost hard. Messy ass-to-mouth, cum facial, bareback suck and fuck. Crazy 70s styles.

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by Dickus 12 years ago

Super fast playback and too short... Huge black cock...

by buggerboy 12 years ago

I'm almost certain Leatherwood passed away from AIDS. Ironically in his later career he was much less of a macho top and often was submissive to other guys.

by vergudon 12 years ago

so what became of leatherwood

by beefbrains 14 years ago

He got hotter and hotter as he got older and filled out.

by buggerboy 15 years ago

Damn, there wasn't anyone as big or bigger than Leatherwood back then. After he cums and lays that huge dick on the bottom's ass you can see just how "blessed" this brotha was. I think he's bigger than Bam and Kevin Kemp who came along later and were billed as the big tops. Perfect combo of length AND girth!

by dabigdikdangler 15 years ago

Brad Leatherwood was a bad, bad man. I want the jack-off scene at the end of "The Rehersal".

by charles35 15 years ago

pity no sound but great video

by stonerkato 15 years ago

Loved it!!!

by JizzJunkie32 15 years ago

OMG the perfect scene from porn...maybe ever (at least for me) any idea what the name of the clip is, or what it is from?

by cooly666 15 years ago

Well, bottom can take that size - that's pretty cool - but top isn't hard :-(