Something wild 1984

The first full-sound, full-scale release from Nova Studios centers around two backpackers telling sex stories over an evening's campfire. Something Wild is one of Nova's strongest long-form features. The exterior scenes are beautifully shot, the writing is lively, and credible characterizations enhance the eroticism of these tales of sexual discovery. Not to mention that the pre-condom sex is sweaty and lusty, while redhead Wade Davis' killer cock steals the show. Curly blond Scott Avery and husky Glen Armstrong are two backpackers spending their spring break in the High Sierras. They come upon a hidden cabin and spy on two long-haired guys having sex inside. The fucking is pretty standard fare, but the pair end by blowing into mouths. The experience gets the hikers hot, and that night they exchange sex stories around the campfire. The next story, which is both hot and amusing, presents well-muscled, very handsome Gavin Burke (known as Rob Montessa in other films) getting propositioned by a college professor, black model Eliot Higgins, in the stacks of the library. As they strip, the two banter back and forth, and Gavin delivers a line that sounds hilariously inappropriate today: when the prof unsheathes his dong, Gavin exclaims, "That's the reason I'm studying black history, to find out where those things come from!" Burke, bent over double, sucks himself and eats his own jism while getting his tight, white cheeks plunged by the professor's long tool. The third story has Armstrong applying for a warehouse position. The interviewer informs him that a lot of on-site sex takes place. Next, a pair of workers are spotted coming on to each other by the bossman (super-hung redhead Wade Davis) and another worker (all-American Brian Michaels). They get turned on to each other. Davis plows Michaels to a mutual orgasm, and they are joined by the other duo for a daisy chain four-way. The Wade-Michaels pairing is surely the best fucking of the entire video. The fourth scene takes us back to the interview, where Armstrong is initiated into a jerking, sucking, rimming, fucking repertoire with Davis's huge tool. Story five is about kissing cousins: country kid Avery leads his city kin (square-jawed and naturally built Randy Page) into a step-by-fuck-step to mutual orgasm. The two backpackers get heated up by their talk and have sex in their tent themselves during the final scene. "Camerawork in Something Wild is nearly as imaginative as that of William Higgins, synch-sound dialogue is natural and easily understood." -- Advocate MEN.

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