15 inch stud James aka Turk

Here is a story for guys who have a fetish for big (I mean monstrous)
cocks. I’ve been in pursuit of such organs for years, and here is the
story of my “first time” with a really big one, and still one of
my best memories. I had the opportunity to write this down recently,
and thought I’d post.

Before I went to college, I had only one encounter with another boy
(in high school). I discovered then that I had a fetish for big cocks
and loved everything about them. By college, I had fantisized many
times about guys with big cocks. Mine is moderate sized, about 7″ and
1.5″ in diameter.

I lived in a small apartment off-campus, and was an engineering/math
student. I was pretty bright, so I was often called upon to tutor
many people during my years in college. By my second year, professors
would pass my name along as a recommendation, and my evenings were
busy with such tutoring sessions, especially in calculus when finals
were on the horizon. We had a pretty good football team, and several
of my “students” were on the football team, and taking tutoring to
keep their grades in line with the minimum requirements for

One of the guys I tutored was called Turk (his real name was James …
I don’t know why they called him Turk … college is weird). Anyway,
I don’t really know a lot about football (not into sports), but he was
one of the lineman who tended to ram into other guys and knock them on
the ground, but was actually a pretty nice guy and had a great sense
of humor. He was a very big guy, probably about 6’2″, and just a bit
overweight, maybe 260 lbs, but very muscular. He would come over to
my apartment twice a week for tutoring, usually just after football
practice and I would usually spend about 1-2 hours with him. We got
along quite well and had many other interests in common.

One day, after several weeks of sessions together, we were sitting on
the floor crosslegged with books spread out all around us. Turk was
wearing yellow sweats and sitting directly across from me. His legs
were spread wide and I suddenly realized that he had an enormous bulge
under those sweats. At first, I thought that maybe he was wearing
something under his sweats, like some kind of athletic gear, but as he
shifted his weight and moved his legs, the bulge moved and sagged and
I knew that it must be a giant cock he had under there.

I became visibly distracted just thinking about Turk’s cock, and was
actually having difficulty focusing on what we were doing!
Fortunately, he was explaining something to me, and maybe he didn’t
notice for a while. But, eventually he paused and looked over at me.
By this time, my cock was hard as a rock, and it must have been
obvious in my shorts. He knew I was staring at his crotch, and he
could see my hard cock plainly.

Then, to my absolute shock, he looked at me, smiled, and said “Can I
suck your cock?”

I didn’t know what to say. I was still in shock. He looked a bit
embarrassed, and I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea. Well, I
just nodded my head “yes”, even though I actually wanted to suck his
cock. He looked relieved.

I pulled off my shorts, revealing my rock hard cock. Turk leaned
over, grabbing my twitching rod, and promptly put my straining glans
into his large mouth, gradually sucking my entire 7 inches down his
throat. I could feel his throat contracting around my cockhead, and
he kept an excruciatingly slow, steady pace as he slid my organ into
his mouth, then slowly pulled his head up so only the tip was in his
mouth as he lapped at the sensitive skin with his tongue.

He was good … really good … and must have really been enjoying
himself. He had me at the very brink of orgasm for at least 10
minutes as I twitched and writhed on the livingroom floor. I was
begging him to let me cum. Finally, he pulled my dick out of his
mouth, licking my cockhead rapidly as he stroked me with long wet
strokes. I could take no more, and within instants my cock was
spurting wads of semen into the air, splattering his hair, cheeks and
lips with my white cream.

Just as my orgasm was subsiding, we snapped to attention as we heard a
knock at the door. I suddenly realized that I had another freshman
tutoring session and had completely forgotten about it. Quickly, Turk
ran to the bathroom, cum dripping from his hair. I went to the door,
pulling my shorts back on and inspecting myself. I heard the water
running in the bathroom as the freshman and I went into the dining
room. Turk came out shortly thereafter, acting as if nothing had
happened, gathered his books and said goodnight to me and the other

That night, I lay awake thinking about Turk’s cock. I had misgivings.
I wondered whether he would regret what happened, and how he might
react the next time I saw him. Then, two nights later, Turk called
and cancelled his session. He made up some kind of excuse, but I
could tell from the sound of his voice that he was nervous. Shit, I

But I was desparately curious. So, the following Monday I went down
to the field where the team practiced and sat on the bench. I singled
out Turk by his number and watched as they practiced. Sooner or
later, Turk recognized me sitting in the bleachers and during a break,
came over and said hello. He apologized about cancelling the other
night, and told me that there wasn’t any problem. He asked whether I
had the time to make up for the session. I said, “sure”, and he asked
if we could go take care of it right away. I was filled with
anticipation and instantly said “yes”.

He went over and talked to the coach for a couple of minutes.
Academic issues were pretty important to the school, so I assume the
coach was very easy-going when it came to team members and tutoring.
In a few minutes, Turk was back and we both headed for the locker
room. In a few minutes, still wearing his workout clothes, he came
out with some books and we headed to my apartment, about a 10 minute

On the way, we gradually moved to the subject of him sucking on my
cock. He told me that, not only didn’t it bother him, but he really
liked sucking on cock. Then, I turned and looked up at him and told
him that what I really wanted to do was suck on his cock. I don’t
remember exactly what he said, but he smiled, as I recalled, then
mentioned that he saw me staring the other night at his crotch (which
I knew). When we finally made it to my apartment and I was unlocking
the door, he said to me: “I hope you’re ready for this.” I could
guess what he meant, and I was so horny I thought I would pass out.

He sat on the couch and actually began opening a book. I said “forget
the books!”. I wanted that cock. He put the book down and I
instantly knelt down in front of him, lifting his workout shirt and
helping him pull it over his head. I hadn’t been this close to him,
and realized that this was a really big guy. His chest was massive.
As I pulled off his shirt, I was assaulted by the strong, sweaty smell
of the thickly matted hair of his armpits. He asked me if I wanted
him to take a shower. Again, I said, “forget it”, and actually found
myself being turned on by his sweaty, glistening flesh.

Turk stood up, towering above me, and unbuttoned his dirty, white
workout pants. I was obscessed and horny, and as he unbuttoned his
pants, I put my face against his filthy belly, running my tongue
around the thick black hair which covered his navel. I reached my
hands around to his buttocks and grabbed his pants, pulling them down
to his ankles. Under his pants, he wore a heavy, complex-looking
girdle which stretched around his waist and between his legs. I
actually trembled as I looked at the immense bulge of his crotch. It
looked as if he had a large cat stuffed in there behind the tight
elastic material.

Then, Turk sat back down and lifted his legs up into the air, the
bulge between his legs sagging ominously between his thighs. I
obliged by pulling off his shoes and his sweat-soaked socks, then
pulling his pants over his huge, hairy feet. He kept his feet in the
air, putting one huge calf on my shoulder and lifting his buttocks.
His crotch was right in front of me, and I saw that, right between his
legs, there was a hooked plastic retainer holding the bottom of the
elastic panel to a thick elastic strap which disappeared between the
crack of his ass.

He told me to undo the retainer and that would release the strap. I
got closer, his collosal mound rising in front of me, and weaved my
fingers through the black hair between his legs, hooking my finger
behind the retainer, fumbling to determine how to unhook it. Finally,
I pulled it forward and pressed on the small indentation in the front
as the elastic bands separated and the V-shaped panel snapped open. I
was awestruck. From beneath the elastic panel, two collosal testicles
the size of fucking grapefruits descended in their sagging sack of
flesh. Turk just laughed quietly as I stared and stared.

I was filled with curiosity and desire as I pulled up the top flap of
his girdle. There it was, and it was beyond my wildest imaginings.
His cock lay, completely limp, curled in an S-shape like a python
resting on a thick bed of black hair. My hand would only surround
half of the broad 4-inch wide base. I felt like I was holding onto
the neck of some strange animal. His limp cock was covered with
wrinkled, hairy skin. I slid my hand up from the base, hoisting his
limp cock up vertically as the thick cylinder snaked over my hand.

From the broad base to the flabby folds of the uncircumsized tip, it
must have been at least 8 inches of thick, limp flesh.

Turk said nothing, but just laid his head back, breathing slowly,
while he unbuckled the top strap of elastic, giving me full access to
his crotch, thighs, and belly. His crude-looking cock dominated his
midsection, and those balls … geeesh! I dug one hand beneath just
one of those massive spheres. They were HEAVY, wet and sticky,
covered with thick furrowed skin and snaking blue veins.

I went absolutely crazy. First, I licked and licked at those colossal
balls, drenching them with saliva and savoring the salty male taste.
Then, I reached up and encircled his still-limp flesh with both
hands, running my tongue up the rough, wet underside until I held the
fleshy tip in both hands and dug my tongue down into the wet wrinkled
opening at the end of his foreskin. Gradually, I worked the thick
folds of flesh with my hands, and pushed the flabby forskin aside with
my tongue, revealing Turk’s misshapen, plum-sized cockhead.

I wasted no time. Pushing upward with my thumbs, I lodged the flaccid
glans deep into my mouth, burying my lips deep in the folds of his wet
foreskin. Turk suddenly jumped, his rippling muscles jerking wildly.
In front of me, I stared down his long, limp shaft, holding the head
firmly in my mouth, moving my hands in long strokes from the thick
black forest of pubic hair up to the dickhead lodged in my mouth.

As I worked the leathery flesh, Turk began to moan and move his hips
in unison with my strokes. With each motion, I felt his cockflesh
surge and swell, growing slowly but surely. I sucked and licked, but
couldn’t help but be filled with awe as I watched the thick-girthed
cylinder throb and swell larger and larger, Turk writhing and moaning
more and more as I fondled his shaft and tremendous gonads. At some
point, I realized in shock that Turk’s cock was nowhere near erect,
even though the firm stalk already extended a good 10-12 inches from
my straining mouth to its expansive base.

Turk moaned and thrashed continuosly, when he suddenly grabbed my head
with both of his powerful arms and began to push his throbbing
cockhead hard against the back of my throat. His cock was growing
swiftly now, the awkward tip of his cock now swelling beyond my
ability to contain it. My tongue was immobilized by the sheer size of
his jawbreaking cockhead, now being rammed fullforce into my mouth as
Turk’s thighs thrust powerfully upward. I was excited, amazed, and
frightened all at the same time.

My mouth was in pain, and I tried desparately to pull the
thick-girthed head from my mouth. I must have struggled for a minute
until I finally pulled the enormous glans from my mouth with a loud,
wet plop. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I gazed, shaking, at Turk’s
horse-sized organ. Now fully erect, hard as rock and covered with
snaking, pulsating veins, it was at least 15 inches in length and 4
inches in diameter. By itself, the purple head was the size of my
fist, with a gaping, finger-sized opening at its tip, leaking its
syrupy load of pre-cum. Only an hour ago, I wouldn’t have believed
that a human cock could grow so large … I felt like I was in some
dream world.

Turk was obviously going wild with desire. He grabbed his huge
fuckshaft with both hands, ramming the dripping head against my face,
continually telling me to lick him, to suck him. He kept panting and
saying how much he wanted to fuck me in the face. I tried desparately
to oblige, licking up and down the enormous shaft, wetting Turk’s
cockhead and fingers with my saliva. He was squirming out of control
on the couch as I heard him push the coffee table over behind me, his
legs flying and his filthy feet ramming against my sides. I tried to
take control. I grasped the pulsing base of his shaft with one hand,
and placed the other hand above his, gripping the red, shiny neck
beneath his huge glans.

The scene must have been incredible. Four hands gripped the monstrous
shaft of flesh. I licked and licked, furiously wetting the throbbing
purple head, dipping my tongue into his gaping cockhole and smearing
the seeping pre-cum all over the glazed, taut skin of the bloated
head. Turk’s evil-looking balls rose and fell as Turk’s thighs
tightened repeatedly.

I remember that I suddenly sensed that he was going to cum, and I
began to stroke his shaft in hard, long strokes. He threw his head
back on the couch, and stretched his body out straight, every muscle
as tight and hard as steel. I held a firm grip on the neck of his
cock, and concentrated on the thick, furrowed skin beneath the purple
tip, sucking it into my mouth and sliding my tongue up and down, then
across the top of his cockhead as my other hand slid up and down the
15-inch club. Turk breathed in gasps of air, for a moment going limp,
then again tensing his entire body as I worked at his mind-boggling
organ. I kept this up for what seemed like hours, but probably for at
least 10-minutes, as Turk’s body trembled and quivered, building to a

I had settled into a steady, but intense rhythm when (and I remember
this exactly), Turk said in a strained whisper “Watch out”. A
half-second later, I was stunned as Turk’s cock suddenly erupted with
a half-inch-thick jet of semen aimed right at my nostrils with such
force that thick wads of cum shot straight down the back of my throat
and into my mouth.

Turk’s muscles convulsed wildly as he let loose with the most
staggering onslaught imaginable. I tried desparately to hold onto his
huge organ, and wanted to devour his cum. But each blast was more
cruel than the last, spewing an unbelievable quantity of semen into my
mouth. Soon I was choking on thick wads of hot cum. The rest was all
a blur. Turk’s cumblasts came in waves, shooting streams of stringy,
thick cum into the air. His giant, cum-laden balls must have pumped
out their boiling contents for at least 3 uninterrupted minutes as I
continuously pumped my hand up and down the mammoth, spasming cock,
now covered with a thick glaze of slithery semen.

As his orgasm subsided, I was still crazed with lust as I licked and
drank his incredibly thick swill. I felt like I had literally bathed
in cum. My hair, shoulders, face and arms were thoroughly coated with
oozing slime, and cum dangled from my lips and nose as I slid my
tongue up and down Turk’s now shrinking cock.

Since that experience (it was 1980), I have craved huge cocks and huge
cumloads. I’ve even found a cock larger than Turk’s, and one guy
whose cum was thicker and even more plentiful than Turk’s. Still, I
think that original experience was still the most mind-blowing
encounter I’ve had with huge, freakish cocks.

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  1. Warren Turner says:

    The hottest story I’ve ever read even if it had been fiction but the details ring true. Curious if you kept in touch with Turk through the years or at least in college. Sounds like he wasn’t as arrogant or self-centered as you’d think someone that humongous would be. Probably he wasn’t used to finding someone to take care of it all and not run in fear.

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