Caio Macedo Returns

Caio Macedo, like Diego Velasco, is one of those Brazilian kids with meat so improbably big it makes you giddy. (You'll find more of him in both str8 & gay action in the archive--where he's alternately ID'd as 'Idmilson.') I originally posted this rarely seen al fresco idyll back in January, but in a version of abysmal quality and lacking about 2 minutes of very hot action. This replacement clip, though hardly HD, is at least an improvement on that first one. (And I'd like to think of CM's prodigious piece as a reminder of the sort of cock we hope to find in every clip & photo posted here. I know that's an unrealistic, overly idealistic goal--but how could a serious sizequeen set forth on any lesser quest?)

Comments (5)

by halle3 6 years ago

The point is clear for anyone who can follow good writing beyond 2 sentences: Ciao represents what this site is all about and worth an improved quality repost.

by bigdonato 7 years ago

Yes, and your point is?

by espnzone1977 7 years ago

This is old. His first movie.

by theminx 7 years ago

Hot guys but what a noisy mess this clip is.

by Stephan78 7 years ago

This guy is impressive, thanks for your efforts Roccobene!