Once more, with feeling

Kinky Angels just released a Jack Harrell/Claude Sorel encounter, saying it was actually a re-match, with Jack fucking sans condom this time. While I don't remember the earlier clip, I thought this one suited MCL very nicely--but only after I'd dropped about 7 minutes of the original footage, including all dialogue (& its subtitling), Jack blowing Claude, and shots made too reminiscent of str8 gaper flix by dwelling on the fact that Claude's hole is starting to look like the Cave of the Winds. (In the same admittedly prudish vein, I nearly 'sanitized' the ATM bit by re-ordering the footage, but finally decided it was too much trouble.) I'm happy this post will be joining what looks to be a remarkably fine page of uploads, hopeful that it won't irk those who take little or no pleasure in BA scenes.

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by genio2502 1 year ago

Jack Harrer es una delicia clavando.....!!

by crazy4cock 3 years ago

Thanks, blackinparis! It was a lot of work...

by blackinparis 3 years ago


by roccobene 3 years ago

beautiful to look at, great to jack to...

by XYChromo 3 years ago

Loved the way Jack FLOODED Claude's hole with jizz. (And I'm not particularly I cum-freak usually.)

by lukewestenra 3 years ago

Having downloaded the full clip from the Kinky Angels site this AM, I'm astounded by the brilliance of the editing here. It's like watching a whole new scene - better!!!

by namathnick 3 years ago


by argus3906 3 years ago

Superior in every way--as usual. 5 shining *

by Polesmoker1 3 years ago

Nice One Crazy *****