Brazilian firecracker

Though somewhat slight of build (OK, diminutive), this kid packs a enormous charge of penis-power. He's Caio Macedo (aka 'Idmilson'), a pansexual wonderboy from Brazil whose monstercock is on view in the archive--pushing several willing holes (both male & female) to their elastic limits. For over three years I've been trying to share this clip (one of his few str8 scenes), but with maddeningly incomplete success. The first attempt ("Swinging on a star"/June, 2010) still survives and plays, but it's just a 6-minute sucking-only sample of the action. The following June, when I managed a two-part upload of the whole thing ("Promises to keep"), the links went dead in a matter of months. So now I've edited it again, this time as a single, all-inclusive clip--demonstrating, I hope, why it's an MCL classic that should never be absent from the archive.

Comments (14)

by chippendalexxll 4 years ago

Great cock, fucking hot---sublime,*****

by XYChromo 4 years ago

Their trump card becomes the ace of spades

by LongJohnny 4 years ago

Yep, very sad indeed. Sounds like the Curse of the Colossal Cock again. By no means entirely unknown. Many phallic giants come to an unhappy (or early) end.

by robbie9 4 years ago

That's extremely sad to hear that....such a waste

by adelsonreis 4 years ago

Guys. Bad news about CM. He's now a crack user. Extremely thin and dirty. Accept 10 reais 4 (dollars) or less for sex in the peeps at downtown São Paulo.

by dano01985 4 years ago

Machofucker should find him and pair him with a nice bottom

by robbie9 4 years ago

I wonder where he is now and does he still do porn?

by phreddie1 4 years ago

He ought to get into MCL's Hall of Fame on the first round of balloting!

by dinolino30 4 years ago

That kid's shlong is UNREAL!

by namathnick 4 years ago

He used to sell it in the baths in Rio and/or Sao Paulo for a typically modest Brazilian fee