Best-value meal

Shorter versions of this classic clip (sometimes much shorter ones) have turned up over the years--in such postings as this one by phreddie1: It's one of few gay scenes featuring Caio Macedo (aka Idmilson)--a Brazilian who, like his compatriot, Diego Velasco, is a smart-assed & boyish-looking kid with a thumping big dick--here seen getting head and booty in a local sauna. This edition gives us a eleven more minutes of action than any offered here thus far, so I'm posting it, as I found it, with all its footage intact.

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by malebodyuk 7 years ago

definately wore his hole out..i bet he was sore....

by dfw051980 7 years ago

the bottom is hot! top had a nice dick but the bottom knows how to ride it..

by HugecockloverNH 7 years ago

Oh man do I wish I had been this lucky bottom.

by skoobs 7 years ago

Fuck that is an amazing piece of beautiful man meat!

by Skaramanga 7 years ago

I don't know what heurtbise means... Brazilian men, for instance, don't greet each other kiss, as it is done in Argentina... Besides, the famous "I fuck anything" are Paraguaians

by boy_maguire 7 years ago

lol - even the music is nice

by ikerny 7 years ago

Big Dick Club: Bareback: Scene 2 " Caio & Lenny"

by papagallo222 7 years ago

I'm glad they left all HIS footage intact, too!

by heurtebise 7 years ago

He's wonderfully cock-proud, and seems just as passionate with guys as he is with gals. As with many Brazilian studs, he's much more plausibly bi- (in the correct sense of the word) than just gay4pay. This could be a cultural thing, I suppose...