Man of steel

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Proving that not every Jamaican monstercock hangs out in a single site, the guys at machofucker have just signed up one of their own--and who knows better how to test his mettle than Osian? Even a brief sampling of their 20-minute scene shows that when it comes to taking punishment, the last thing in the world this fearless bottom wants is to be spared the rod.

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by hotjanet 6 years ago

i luv j steele,i talk to him everyday cant wait to go to J.A to get sum. hes the best on machofucker.

by 7 years ago

someone fuck my little tight ass like this

by Raffy 8 years ago

Pain and pleasure . . . the realities of being fucked relentlessly by an aggressive top with a huge hard cock!

by JamPowerButt 8 years ago

Jamaica land I LOVE !

by Logan12 8 years ago

fuck my ass is gagging for that fucking greasy black cunt fucker

by buggaboy 8 years ago

was he able to walk again?

by belumbi 8 years ago

yea man get in there

by heroworship 8 years ago

asshole, shut the fuck up and use your stupid head. the top obviously did not want his face to show. the vid is hot because it is exactly what is supposed to be. raw. douchebag. stupid. just die.

by Dave1 8 years ago

7:49 Finally some good fucking 5:00 to 6:35; bb but top jacks onto Osians back, eventually reinserting when done cumming. Virtually never see the top above the navel. MF, as usual, takes two guys capable of a very hot scene & fucks it up with idiotic camera work, external cumming, etc.

by 1ipanema 8 years ago

wow.. what a great fuck.. I wish I was the guy taking it :-)