Man of Steel Returns

After soaking his rear in a Sitzbath for a few weeks, Osian was ready for more of Jamaican Steel. Indeed, these two seem made for each other, since no matter what the man of steel throws his way, the intrepid PR gladly takes it.<br /> These extracts from their latest scene prove that he's a bottom with built-in shock absorbers.<br />

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by julien121 8 years ago

omg osian done lost his mind

by JamPowerButt 8 years ago

Jamaica...Jamaica...Oh...JAMAICA !!!

by Saltycravings 8 years ago

Damn...that is my kind of top...although he should have wacked the bitch in the back of the head wwhen he started to wine like a bitch...learn your place faggot !!!

by pdj5011 8 years ago

why uis the top masked as tho worriied about swine flu (more likely needs to be worried about aids on this bb site!) so pretentious!

by Dave1 8 years ago

7:04 Standard MF, and no breeding and no cum-eating.

by vergudon 8 years ago

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by Proktor 8 years ago

niezła pyta :)

by Ronielle 8 years ago

That was great, loved the way his ass sucked his dick as he thrust it back and forth, too bad the top doesn't stick his dick back in when he cums... but good vid!

by belumbi 8 years ago


by cooly666 8 years ago

Maskman's cock is huge, but sadly not hard...