Steel yourself!

That's what machofucker said to their cock-crazed bottom, Osian, as he got ready for a pounding from their latest size-king, MR. JAMAICA STEEL. Here's a one-minute preview glimpse of what lies ahead. (The scene is due for release today or tomorrow. Let's hope we get to see some of it!)

Comments (5)

by HungSkinnyBiWhiT 2 months ago

Not sayin it’s easy but totally not a fan of Btm dude nor of how he handles himself ie the way he takes the dick. Idk, for me personally, unimpressed and turned off, tbh.

by Valprint67 8 years ago

the bottom wont be shitting right for a month

by buggerboy 8 years ago

Very nice, looks promising, certainly a large Jamaican piece!

by bigdonato 8 years ago

I know I shouldn't review a movie before I see it, but this trailer makes me think that Mr. JS may be a little less hard than his name implies.

by HungSkinnyBiWhiT 2 months ago

I totally see that now that u mention it and agree with u 100