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I'm sure that you, like me, assumed that this Steven Prior solo had long been in the archive. Yet a thorough search proves otherwise, and HBL 'officially 'released' it just today with nary a hint of its probable age. (I put it at nearly six years.) While it was fleetingly touched on in old snippets from FreakMuscle & Chipp, no complete & hi-rez upload--as this clip manifestly is--seems to have appeared before now. After some preliminary chitchat, the Big Reveal begins at 4:30, and the well documented wanking moves on toward a fleshlight finale. A must for every true size queen's cabinet of curios!

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by roccobene 2 years ago

I think I read that, too, IM. He had always worked in theater (in what capacity, I can't recall) & maybe he got more seriously involved in it.

by sexualtourist 2 years ago

A genuine classic, whether shot last week or six years ago!

by Cocklove23 2 years ago

Definitely one of my fav big cocks, and his best solo (in my opinion). So hot!

by Internationalmuscle 2 years ago

Prior retired, I heard. Is it true?

by mrmephisto10 2 years ago

A force of nature!

by georgungeheuer 2 years ago

God in Heaven!!!

by crazy4cock 2 years ago

Alas, after two careful retries at uploading, it still won't come up in the correct aspect/ratio. SP's shlong is actually even thicker than it appears here!

by billbeczala 2 years ago

The mind boggles, the jaw drops, the mouth salivates uncontrollably...

by bigxlcock 2 years ago

Thanks c4c - amazing nice fat cock on Steven. Im realy looking forward to see him barefucking