A Prior - Brody classic

Anyone who saw the thrice-familiar thumbnail on this post and groaned "Not again!" ought to think twice. Just as I did, you probably imagined that this Steve Prior/Drew Brody suckathon had already been posted many times & in many versions ever since Hard Brit Lads released it five years ago. But even though that may be true, there's no sign of it in the archive. (Yes, there's a 90-second trailer announcing its arrival, but the clip itself--showing the famous pair playing with their hefty ten-inchers--is curiously absent.) And just yesterday Hard Brit Lads issued it all over again--exactly as if it were a brand-new clip, so I'm going to treat it as such. After all, authentic monsters such as these two shlongs ought to have a permanent place on MCL.

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by Gugaone 2 years ago

Two fantastic monstercocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by XYChromo 2 years ago

Well, I've now made it sabotage-proof--so it will keep its five-star rating through all eternity.

by lukewestenra 2 years ago

Primo, yes--but it gets a four-star rating? Hmmmm

by roccobene 2 years ago


by Internationalmuscle 2 years ago

Sometimes they get deleted and we are not even told. Welcome 'repost' if it ever was.

by namathnick 2 years ago

BTW, congratulations to XYChromo on his hundredth post. (And he sure picked a winner to celebrate it.)

by namathnick 2 years ago

As someone who has never seen this one before, I gotta say it: these dudes are hung!

by heurtebise 2 years ago

Few clips live up to the "classic" designation they routinely get, but this one does. Those cocks are HUGE.

by bigdonato 2 years ago

Strange but true. Like many very familiar Prior clips, this isn't in the archive anymore. Good it have it back...

by AndyDC 2 years ago

Seriously big meat!