A Jack Harrer photoshoot

Here's a very abridged edition of the documentary FreakMuscle just previewed: Jack Harrer posing for a new set of stills. Reducing it to less than half of its 28+ minutes (by cutting all shots of the photographer, dropping the horseplay & outside interruptions), I think I've zeroed in on the meat of the matter: Jack's ever-alluring piece. And, as a bonus, I've left in some footage that ought to please the foot-fanciers among us.

Comments (7)

by colegio22 1 year ago

Everything about him is perfect.

by laserax17 6 years ago

Jack is smokin' hot!

by partyboy877 7 years ago

Harrer has a luscious crotch!

by bigdonato 7 years ago

Thanks for posting something NEW!

by argus3906 7 years ago

Yes, the jacking is best, but it's fun getting there, too.

by klein11 7 years ago

Harrer is hot. His expresssions, body and cockplay are to "die for".

by crazy4cock 7 years ago

I see now I made a big mistake in trying to edit the soundtrack. Silence is just as disruptive as noise Sorry!