Muscle Eddie August 2015

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The true MONSTER cock!

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by Deepthroattim 11 months ago

Beautiful!! Love to meet u, ever cum to Toronto?

by exebod 2 years ago

hark at the hate and yet they viewed him. I think he is a god. Love him and his dick. Great attitude. I want to meet him in new york

by tonedom1 2 years ago

This guy is insane.

by heurtebise 2 years ago

There's great wisdom (and kindness) in lessie's words, and a friendly open-mindedness we should all try to have toward one another.

by lessie 2 years ago

There is always a possibility, and if that is the case, hopefully he will find peace; however, he may be just a person who is into being huge.

by wwooww 2 years ago

@lessie Anorexic people also need time and deternimation to achieve their goal. Maybe he is happy, but probably he is unstable mentally and physically.

by lessie 2 years ago

I don't understand why people have to be negative. Perhaps Muscle Eddie is into something you aren't, but that is no reason to degrade him. He has put a lot of work into his body. I think he looks great. His cock is huge and he seems to be very happy about it. Who are we to say anything negative. Think about the time and determination it took him to reach his present condition/

by keikobad 2 years ago

It's a hoot to see someone with 'male' in his moniker clutching at his pearls that way.

by mulder 2 years ago

but why? what for?

by wingspan65 2 years ago

For people into pumping and silicone, he is a myth!!!