Muscle Eddie: still swinging

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Full disclosure & fair warning! This is merely a 'bulge' clip--albeit an extraordinary one--in which Muscle Eddie swings his monstrously big 'n fat (siliconed/pumped) meat at you for 10 uninterrupted minutes. That's it! If you want to see what's actually INSIDE that thong, there are several pictures posted by InternationalMuscle & ronmoorhead which you can easily find via Search. Meanwhile, please don't denounce Eddie as a fake--'cause he isn't. (Your views on extreme body-modification are, of course, quite another matter.)

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by Sandrello 6 months ago

This is it? Just swinging his cock in overstretched underwear?

by damienmontana 1 year ago

I'd love to see a tight pink blonde wet juicy waxed pussi envelope that giant all the way to his balls. Then slowly take it out, popping out as soon as his head slides outta her pussy, watching that gaping pussi stay permanently open for giant cocks to use for wetting their cock!

by bottomdutch 5 years ago

i wish i could meet him
i wanna lick his intire body
from top to toe
this man is gorgious
i adore him
his good looks
his body
his tattoos
and his amazing cock
dont matter what others say??
he is hot very hot to me
he is my number one here
i adore him!!!!

by bottomdutch 6 years ago

evendo he is all pumped up
i just adore this guy
adore his body

by miranava 6 years ago

No entiendo como puede gustar esta farsa. En fin, hay gustos para todo.

by cumbucket40108 6 years ago

nice body.But not sure is real.If he likes to show it off.Then would have shown on the video

by thicky 6 years ago

its a gift to have such endowments. I used to pump my sac and was able to get huge, and it feels so good, there is no way to describe it. Eddie understands this and not only likes to show off but enjoys the feel of his own body. I say, enjoy it!

by vergudon 6 years ago

This is the reason many of are homosexuals cause we adore and worship a real masculine manly muscled hairy big huge balls and cock man who shaves three manly times with manly shaving cream and feels like a real man......he is my favorite man yeah ....we want more videos of this high rising star on monstercockland man yeah

by burnabyboy89 6 years ago

I think this guy video are boring

by starpalm 6 years ago

take the sock out of your worn out briefs .. What an ugly fuck... disgusting waste of time