Muscle Eddie JO

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Eddie jacks his huge pumped monster cock. <br /> <br /> Negative comments not required. If you don't like his uniqueness, don't watch.

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by ericscheinert 11 months ago

So Fuckin hot, I love you Eddie

by thicky 4 years ago

he has achieved every mans dream! Enjoying his body, his manhood and his pleasure and loving every second of it! GROW bigger Eddie! LOL

by treetrunk60 4 years ago

Nothing hotter than a superfat cock. But he's not's silicone. Such a turn on to experience, but he will have to deal with the consequences eventually. Silicone will not last 4ever, it will harden & if not taken care of in time & removed will just about eat your dick from the inside out. Plenty of horror stories online. Still a turn on to watch & suck, although cumshot was a disappointment.

by manmade4skin 4 years ago

Eddie you are the BEST

by bigkfrmca 4 years ago

i love eddie

by exebod 4 years ago

I want him to cum in my guts

by phreddie1 4 years ago

Hypocrites! Over 100 are jacking to a clip they supposedly gave a lowly 2-star rating!

by YepYep12345 4 years ago

Agree with Pumpittothemax and would enjoy seeing Eddie in sweatpants out and about around regular people and watch their reactions to his package. I bet it would not take to long before the PoPo showed up. :)

by manatee777 4 years ago

why use camera magnification?its a huge cock/is this guy str8 or gay?i know chicks could fit that? the taatoos take away from the awesomeness of the cock//they can be taken off//i hope he has good luck with his silicone/i just had my 3rd operation and have a cathater in my cock for 7 days//something went wrong with my silicone and i have been through hell/still have both my boys and my huge cock/but now finally i will have small balls//basically str8/but the right cock i stray lol

by pumpittothemax 4 years ago

a true fantasy would see him in sweats on the subway as everyone stares at the biggest dick they have ever seen.................