Boy next door

If you live in Budapest, that is. My guess is that this BA newcomer hails from the Hungarian capital, like several of the company's bigger-dicked discoveries in recent years. Since his current moniker is only provisional, I won't include it here, but I predict we'll soon see him in action and he'll eventually prove a more useful performer than some of BA's other highly-touted newbies. I edited out footage that showed the camera man, keeping the focus on the best cock shots that came before the JO session finally began. [Note: in my eagerness to introduce this charmer to you, I had to delay the second half of the Harrer/Coen scene I began earlier today as "Just the beginning." It's now up, and the title, despite my remark in the Comments section, is "'Nuff said."]

Comments (12)

by jazzy 5 years ago

He is beautiful...., but too much talking and "forced" posing from the video photographer. Too much talking from

by ninjaboi 10 years ago

nice cock!

by crazy4cock 10 years ago

PS, I posted the rest of that clip as "Friends of the court."

by crazy4cock 10 years ago

A red-faced thanks to jburken!

by jburken 10 years ago

Um. Prague is not the capital of Hungary. It's the capital of the Czech Republic.

by chippendalexxll 10 years ago

great guy for sure *****

by heurtebise 10 years ago

After 9 minutes, I'm totally in love with him!

by rich719 10 years ago

Very endearing way about him PLUS that dick!

by samsex 10 years ago

A measly 25 favorites? This clip should be off the charts!

by williebrowne 10 years ago

And he's full of animal vitality, unlike the oddly sexless, pouty Joel Birkin...