Jack Harrer shoots

I'm offering this as a reasonable alternative to my other Harrer post. It's just the last five minutes of that clip--the actual jacking part--and the only 'editing' (or adjusting) it might need is lowering the volume a bit on Jack's slightly hokey-sounding excitement. A big plus, I think, is the superior resolution of the image.

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by MCMLXXXIV 5 years ago

Jack Harrer has got to the hottest guy alive! I absolutely love him.

by bispermluvr 5 years ago

That's just omFg yumm.

by partyboy877 5 years ago

@ninja: WTF?

by ninjaboi 2 years ago

loads of joy !!

by ninjaboi 5 years ago

Watching this I got an overwhelming sense of deja vu from yesterday afternoon. Only difference is I had to do a load of laundry instead of taking a shower! Might have to do some more loads today ! Thanks!

by argus3906 5 years ago


by imago 5 years ago

Love those balls, that dick, the guy! Love it! Absolutely love it!