Logan has two daddies 1

Yes, fellas & gals, in the quarter-century since the publication of "Heather has two mommies" sent some American Bible-thumpers into cardiac arrest, we've really come a long, long way. Here, Rocco Steele & Cutler X (a Daddy-dream-team if there ever was one) join forces to show us how to raise your boy (here played by Logan Stevens) to unheard-of heights of ecstasy. [Since I don't have the kind of software that can compress nearly 20 minutes of action into a reasonably high-rez single post, I'm uploading it in two segments--so don't fail to check out the second half of this joyous and enlightening bit of family fare.]

Comments (8)

by hotboy007 4 years ago

i wished they would ve double dipped him

by partyboy877 4 years ago

Never mind Dr.Spock. Just watch these guys!

by exebod 4 years ago

my kinda sex

by Polesmoker1 4 years ago

Fuckin' HOT *****

by tattedmanhole 4 years ago

Great to see this type of video.. Well done Guys.. OINK

by chippendalexxll 4 years ago

Gorgeous trio....great *****, bye

by roccobene 4 years ago

Relaxed & matey teamwork!

by dinolino30 4 years ago