Made for Daddy's dick

I don't usually go for 'Daddy' scenes, but there's something about this one that made me want to post it. For once, the Daddy in question (Rocco Steele) looks genuinely macho to my skeptical eye, and even though he's cut (again, not my usual type), his hefty cock--and unflagging potency--make a strong impression. The bottom, too (Armond Rizzo) seems perfectly cast, and the 'chemistry' we hear about so often, flows freely between these two. (Having made a few editing boo-boos in preparing the clip for upload, I was tempted to redo the whole thing from scratch. But rather than delay so stimulating a start to the weekend, I decided to post it as is.)

Comments (55)

by MattCurlew 12 months ago

Superhot! I just wonder how sloppy that boy will get on an older age ..

by mmanne 3 years ago

The red flower of Armond .. cool!

by bobcollins 3 years ago

tremendous! did the trick

by torino80muscle 3 years ago

butt destruction

by Berkeley1974 3 years ago

The pairing of these 2 SIZZLES!!!! I Love Joey's Ass!!!! Rocco I'm quite sure REALLY Enjoyed Fucking Him!

by anonymous 3 years ago

Great cock.. nice scene. Too bad he couldn't just drop the fake moans and pretend it was all natural.

by bipassifadresser 3 years ago

i love...

by sexyboyass 4 years ago

The bottom has a hard time swallowing that massive cock with his tiny little mouth.

by sexyboyass 4 years ago

eehrm Hoggobbler it is not Joey Rodriguez but Armond Rizzo.

by samsex 4 years ago

This is the clip that ignited the Rocco craze.