Logan has two daddies 2

And here's the second half of Rocco's & CutlerX's guide to modern parenting, which (spoiler alert!) I feel I must tell you *doesn't* include what you've probably been hankering to see: a butt-busting DP. Now, whether it was an intentional omission, I can't say; but in defense of both Daddies, let me point out that a very excited Logan, by nutting prematurely (for so it seems), made it more or less a moot issue. Besides, that leaves something to look forward to in any eventual sequel(s). And we do want a sequel, don't we?

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by Stives1983 2 years ago

I'd let them both fuck my Arse same time hard and rough no messing straight to it rougher the better

by hotboy007 2 years ago

have bottomed for both Rocco and Cutler (two great gents to begin with). it is painfully hard to take any of those guys alone (8" around for each of them). to take them both at the same time, you should ve a hole that can also let in a man's leg.... no way anyone could get DPed by these two and not lose his arse ring for good

by blackfucker3121 4 years ago

My dream fantasy daddy combo that somehow failed to meet my expectations... would've loved to have seen more chemistry between Rocco and Cutler... can't wait for the sequel!

by blkchrome 4 years ago

No DP?!?!! Whether I could take those two at the same (or not), I would have DAMN sure tried!!! Have to agree w/Eager2pleaz on this one. All the "right ingredients", but doesn't quite work.

by Polesmoker1 4 years ago

Love It *****

by Studly30 4 years ago

Yes my loves!!!

by ivlanof 4 years ago

completely agree with eager2pleaz

by Eager2pleaz 4 years ago

Every bottom's dream is to be fucked in both holes by
Gorgeous hung tops. And who could be more gorgeous or hung than Cutler snd Rocco? And so why was I not turned on? The energy between R & C was low and the bottom was almost a cipher. No feeling or emotion. Maybe I'm just not a 3way fan...I certainly adore Rocco and Cutler..,

by kno1uno17 4 years ago

My ultimate dream right there. Who could ask for more?

by chippendalexxll 4 years ago

2 special daddies...thx and Rocco is even so kind
a guy...really...the maximum rating, bye