A Rios re-run

: It wasn't until just now, when I saw TopT's posting of about a minute from a recent BA release, that I noticed that my own (more or less) full posting of the scene had mysteriously disappeared! A bareback frolic--in which sexy Ennio Guardi fucks Manuel Rios at his bottoming best--it's much too hot an item to let fall by the wayside. But when I identified the excellent photographer, former BA superstar Lukas Ridgeston, by his real name, I guess it was considered too great an indiscretion, and the clip was yanked. Here it is again--without that name.

Comments (6)

by chippendalexxll 6 years ago

nice video.....great

by mcocktube 6 years ago

WOW...great vid. 5-star and a keeper

by laserax17 6 years ago

another hot BA flick

by sfcastro 6 years ago

LOL....this is kind of butch for Bel Ami.....they should start a new line!

by airbair1 6 years ago

can you upload this somewhere else so i can download it?

by argus3906 6 years ago