At the top of their game

In the glittering realm of male beauty that is the BA empire, Luke Hamill has always had a unique appeal for me. (Strange admission from a sizequeen, isn't it?) He's handsome, of course, and a sexual athlete of tested skill--but since that's true of nearly every other BA star, it must be the sort of virility he projects--its warmth & depth & serenity--that turns me on. In any case, having him fuck Roger Lambert (a little guy with a big fat dick) proves to be another instance of inspired BA casting. It's a beautiful scene, beautifully shot under the knowing eye of no less an expert than Lukas Ridgeston. (The guys' double-cumshot, btw, makes for a thrilling final flourish.)

Comments (3)

by laserax17 6 years ago

I so want to fuck them both!

by syxninty 6 years ago

The most beautiful thing that I have ever seen.

by AndyDC 6 years ago