Huge Dick, Fat load part 3 final

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Huge Dick, Fat load

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by romeo55 10 months ago

I love to see more of him. Don't you guys think?

by marlins 1 year ago

INCREDIBLE! want him here

by suckubus1011 2 years ago

Wish that I was sucking him off through a gloryhole and he launched that big load down my hungry throat without warning !!

by cumsuckerboy25haj 7 years ago


by mikein1972 7 years ago

I'd sure like to know what video he was watching. Damn the audio was H O T ! ! ! !

by slingshotchris 7 years ago

I agree, this completely tanned & smooth pretty boy has a gorgeous body. This is a monstercock web site, but for me, this boy's cocksize is not important. It's his fabulous ass that's a turn-on. He needs to be FUCKED REPEATEDLY by a group of older,well-hung studs and turned into a real man's 100% pussyboy.

by Paymaster 7 years ago

My wife and I love this guy. He has a beautiful cock, and body. His ass is gorgeous. His body is sosmoth We just want to rub our hands all over him.

by papagallo222 7 years ago

Further to my last: having now advanced through this week's treasures, I see that the most important parts of this clip of Alex Young (for such is his name) had ALREADY been posted (more succinctly), first by Devistor
and then by Dorrigo--the latter's post being particularly galling to Devistor. (Let's see what Devistor has to say about THIS 3-part-26-minute elaboration of his discovery.)

by papagallo222 7 years ago

Sometimes less is more. This guy's fat & beautifully made dick--not to mention that spectacular cumshot--are all right here in this five-star clip. There's little need for Part 2 and none at all for Part1. Drawbacks here are that unpleasant rash in the balls area & the embarassingly fake-macho-"Fuck, yeah!" gay porno soundtrack. (If he HAD to watch it, they
could at least have cut the sound.) Even so, this is an outstanding clip.

by mulder 7 years ago

wow 11x!!!