10 Inch, Fat Cocked Amateur Couple

This is a couple on Chaturbate.com. They go by 'partyplayers' there. I've watched several of their broadcasts and boy, do they give a hell of a show. The guy has a huge cock. It's fat, long, has a curve to it (similar to Castro) and has a huge knob on it. He's built and just has an overall 'pornstar' look to him. The chick's amazing as well. She's gorgeous, she's a freak and she loves the guy's monster cock. They both say he's 10 inches and have offered to meausre, I have never seen a measurement, however. The guy also likes getting rimmed and they do that in this vid, if you're into that. If you enjoy this vid, you should look them up on Chaturbate and follow them...and if you happen to catch one of their shows, consider leaving them a tip. They also have some of their videos for sell there. They have threesome vids, orgy vids....all kind of shit. I also have more vids of them, so if you enjoyed this and want to see more, let me know.

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by mellowmood 2 years ago

thats a lot of dick, i dont care what anyone says lol

by Decrypter91 3 years ago

the name of that couple?

by ikarooz 5 years ago

it looks gr8, regardless of dimensions

by rogers 5 years ago

Yes, please more of these two! thx!

by Ballplaya155 1 year ago


by mwlsu89 5 years ago

@billetje....Yeah, I will.

by billetje 5 years ago

great vid horny couple. Can you post more of these two?

by extremecock 5 years ago

Not even a two hander - max.7-7,5 inch - far from a monster. Boring

by mwlsu89 5 years ago

@stallioonman69...You do realize he was never fully hard, right? I do think he's 9-ish. 8.5 to 9. It's hard to tell in this video because he's never fully hard and it's all from the side and his dick is curved...pretty badly. So the only angle that would do him justice is pov. I purchased one of their pov movies and the dude still wasn't fully hard and he looked longer than me...and I'm a little over 8 inches. But regardless, the length is not what's impressive about him.

by stallionman69 5 years ago

lol what king of compleet MORON would think this guy is even 9 inches, let alone 10? Sad.

by royboy361 5 years ago

Still pretty hot.