Julian delivers a facial

Julian Rios (known as Jordan Rivers when he did gay porn early on) is one of the sexiest men alive. Unfortunately, he seems to have retired from the business, leaving us to get off on the videos he left behind--among them this hot scene with Lucy Thai.

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by jackreed750 2 years ago

This is actually Avena Lee, scene from "Pu-Tang Dynasty"

by LongJohnny 14 years ago

Hell, does that girl know how to totally, absolutely and utterly enjoy all that one huge, fat, throbbing dick can insert into her! At both ends. She's a genius.

by lakevubud 14 years ago

wish he was fuckiin my hole like that

by mcocktube 14 years ago

Man, I'd bottom for him ON DEMAND!!........AND......I'M ALWAYS A TOP!!

by kingfisher7 14 years ago

Lucky bitch

by SigHill90755 14 years ago

This man is PERFECTION. I especially love the first few seconds of the video, before he's totally hard. I know most of the comments on this site demand rock-hard cocks... but I love the weighty, meaty-fleshy look of it when it's just semi-hard.

by heurtebise 14 years ago

beautiful guy, and he makes the nicest sounds while he's getting head. gals must just eat him up!