Time enough to fuck

When I first edited this Ian Scott/Shawna Lenee frolic for MCL back in August of 2010, posting constraints (50 MG max!) made me turn it into a suck-only scene--hence its title then, "Three-Minute Blowjob." Now, with the limits raised, I've been able to restore the fucking sections. But I stupidly made the wrong sizing selection & 'published' the new edition via MovieMaker BEFORE I realized the image woud be smaller than I'd planned. Ah, well, if it looks too piddly, I'll do it all over again. But not immediately: I'm a little tired of going back & forth across those same old frames for now! ( BTW, even after two separate editings, I STILL don't know what the 'bondage beginning' is all about--or why it's there. LOL)

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by 2029880 12 years ago

Shawna Lenee is really hot. Thanks for posting this longer version. Well deserved five stars.

by bigdonato 12 years ago

Speaking of wholesome blonde cheerleaders, I wish someone would post a few more of those outrageous semi-animated cartoon strips where such bimbos were throat raped & ass-split by humongously hung brothas.

by samboh48 12 years ago


by partyboy877 12 years ago

Everyone (str8 or gay) should be able to get off on this clip--the kind that sets MCL apart from aother X-tube-style sites. SIZEQUEENS NEED LOOK NO FURTHER for their fetishistic fix! Custom-edited for MCL, it has optimum length, production values & action. Above all, it stars a guy with an honest-to-God MONSTERCOCK playing with a sex-crazed (but wholesome) blonde till he sprays her cheerleader face with a wad of jizz. In short, it delivers exactly what the site-name promises.

by XYChromo 12 years ago

I had a boyfriend with a huge, mushy uncut cock (OK, not Ian's size, but a biggie nontheless) & I loved sucking on it & tonguing up under his foreskin while it was just starting to get hard. Being an 'early riser' he had to watch the news on TV or otherwise distract himself to allow me a minute or two of that sensual semi-tumescence. It never lasted long enough for me, but he'd just laugh and finally say, "Oh, com'on, suck it for Crissake!" (And I did.)