All across MonsterCockLand, few champs in the Junior Division can measure up to Trevor Yates' majestic piece of meat: whether in size, shape, or proportion, be it in terms of lush & velvety foreskin or venous articulation along the shaft--not to mention loose & low-hanging nuts as big as condor eggs--he really seems to have bested all competition. Yes, there's Matt and Titch and Steve Prior to consider, and maybe a few other European & Latin American wonderboys--but who else, really? (And just for the record, his lucky partner here is Troy Allen--who, I dare say, probably agrees with me.)

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by jackstud6969 3 years ago

Excellent results in filming. Quite the bizarre size if a cock!

by hungdaddy 3 years ago

There's nothing "junior" about what's between those legs - that's ALL man.

by AndyDC 3 years ago

He's STILL unbeaten!

by rasty1982 4 years ago

jeez I've fallen in love with the bottom....

by IamPatrickDiez 5 years ago

love it

by chippendalexxll 6 years ago

mmmmmmm exciting huge video

by mulder 7 years ago

sorry aber wozu holt der Typ sich den Yates wenn er dessen Schwanz weder ganz schlucken und auch hinten nicht ganz ein bekommt? Das ist Verschwendung!

by obsessed 7 years ago

When the bottom says, "This feels amazing" (if we are to trust the translation), I am inclined to believe him.

by michel87 8 years ago

this kid is loving it too much!!!

by bigdonato 8 years ago

Screwy, maybe you didn't notice that c4c listed Matt Hughes' name first among TYs obvious rivals--acknowledging the fact that many may find his dick the more impressive of the two. But saying Matt beats him "10 times over" is just, well, screwy--and undermines your point. (Size apart, btw, no one has ever raised a 'potency' issue in TY's performances--something that often comes up in Matt's case.)