About five months ago, I posted a Trevor Yates clip, suggesting that in MCL's Junior Division, Trevor had THE MEAT TO BEAT. In his very latest appearance, he seems to have kept his lock on that title in a threeway with Dario Dolce and Julien Hussey. (I've posted scenes he's done with both guys separately--PROVISIONAL BLOWJOB (with Dario) and JULIEN TAKES ON TREVOR, and papagallo222 later took us BACKSTAGE WITH TREVOR for glimpses of how that second scene was shot.) Today's clip was too good to whittle down to MCL's posting limitations, so I'm giving you excerpts from it divided into four parts.

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by Cocklove23 3 years ago

When they show it off from the pov angle at 1:54, I lose it! Such a big, shiny cock! Soo good!

by lolocorrea 5 years ago

he's the best love him

by Dickus 6 years ago

I big cock and two small pricks...

by chippendalexxll 6 years ago

sexy trio.....boss and his slaves....

by pcjock1 6 years ago

awesome cock but not a very attractive body. too soft

by hungbrad 7 years ago

if this is junior whos in running for senior title?

by moncler1756 8 years ago

Why choose I want both Trevor and Steven :D

by rymple 8 years ago

I guess this video proves the urban legend is true- Trevor's cock is just too big to fit in any underwear.

by banaboy 8 years ago

Trevor is a King

by careem 8 years ago

I big rooster and two small cocks!!!