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i what is video lol

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by moncler1756 14 years ago

FINALLY... a clip from steve..123 - worthy of this site...!

by buggiardo 15 years ago

great vid...very hot

by dalton66 15 years ago


by temporary28 15 years ago

wow ...HOT!

by charles35 15 years ago

steve123 thanks for that clip from big river now I'll have to dig out the video. & you cut those scenes in well.

by Zauberflote 15 years ago

This was the first porn video I ever owned!!! Aww...memories. LOL.

by MackBridgman 15 years ago

Big Ryker come catch my trout! Fish me! Where the fuck is he? Next vid segment, I hope. Remember this vid from many yreas ago. Loved it then and now. These handsome, young, muscled, hairless lads are no match the Ryker - his chest, his hair, his ceps, his abs, ass, cock and handsome face. Bring on the big fucker! Where is Ryker these days? Last heard he was in metro LA. Anyone know?

by steve..123 15 years ago

Thank you all SO much for your kind comments and for rated's
steve :)