Jonah Falcon Showers

Big dick posterboy Jonah Falcon showers

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by mrbig789 1 year ago

He needs to give up the "worlds biggest" thing and just get into porn and punish little teen girls' stink pipes. Take advantage. Could be a monster cock fuck star.

by eslnmpo 4 years ago

huge, fat, uncut cock, and a nice chubby body. what could i ask more?

by apemen 5 years ago

13,5 inch ??? My dong is much longer soft!

by twla12ibbc 5 years ago

A few years ago i had a cam session and trust me i was astonished at jonas size. He measured on cam 13.5 inches.

by ttrevor 5 years ago

It's remarkable that Jonah has been able to perpetuate this myth that he has the longest recorded penis in the world. You just can't find any pictures that back up this claim.

by dare25 7 years ago


by johndonk 7 years ago

this guy is just looking for attention and is getting it in the main media inspite of the fact that he is not half as large as a lot of the guys on this site. He will never show it hard because he would prove himseld a liar.

by lospown 8 years ago

fuck that ill suck that big uncut cock anyday!! bring it on jonah!!!

by hornehboi 8 years ago

Guys, leave him alone. He's a guy who's had a pretty rough life and a lot of it has been brought on by his fucking monstrous cock. Just like it, it's so thick. I would totally suck it any day. Leave Jonah alone, appreciate him for who he is.

by buster69 8 years ago