Mr. 18" and the One Eyed Monster

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Mr. 18" and the One Eyed Monster

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by chippendalexxll 6 years ago

Mr 18 is a unique huge fucker.....great

by sexmadd 6 years ago

How can I download this? The real player download won't work.

by twla12ibbc 8 years ago

Well no matter what this woman got a full 12 inches of cock.

by blackdick 8 years ago

fuck wht a huge n thick cock

by vergudon 9 years ago

why havent we heard more of models blessed with massive huge giant unbelievable surpassing legendary John Holms of the 70's xxx straight films so we can see more 18 inches ,God created this man of 18 inches for a reason ,he remains the xxx straihgt legnd of straight films with 18 inches.It looks so veiny,huge,massive and stiff in the hands of the lucky beholder .However i do hear his cum is awful and cums less than a spoonful size .His cum scenes are hardly ever recorded man why?

by thicky 9 years ago

Tony is very gifted! I wish he did some gay vids.

by bolay 9 years ago

It always amazes me how some giants shoot regular or undersized loads, you figure they'd shoot buckets! And even tho tony duncan doesn't cum a lot he sure enjoys the orgasm. I could only imagine how good it would feel to cum with a tool that big.

by shield1751 9 years ago

i hate to say it..but I cum more than he does

by creature100 10 years ago

not very good-looking people.. and .. well, eating pussy in glasses ...

by bluelite 10 years ago

girl in the hot tub is the nast