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This dude probably has the biggest cock in porn today (natural that is , not counting altered ones like MAXXX and others) Here is a video of him with a very sexy caribBean girl. SORRY about the quality of the video but no matter what I tried this was it (WMV files suck ass) The KING MONSTER COCK of our time is quite visible though lol !!! FRIENDS OF MINE ! I have uploaded several great things for YOUR EYES ONLY. I would appreciate you viewing them and kindly Rate or Commenting on them !!!

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by toxicskullpro 3 years ago

Tony motherfucker! XD haha what a piece of meat. He must get ALL the girls un his life with that large dick.

by phreak4meat77 7 years ago

and i am one jealous bottom fa sho...where's my beef?

by maverick26 8 years ago

Great post... and long!

by kyky1boo 8 years ago

whats the point of being so well-endowed where not many women want a cock that size. plus , u cant lie on her completely only her pussy just didnt take it all..how sad for him..but im sure he gets alot of on-lookers..

by phreak4meat77 8 years ago

he wouldnt have to do a thing i would pull it out wash bath and put him to sleep with a smile on his face fa sho

by 8 years ago


by robertszvetics 8 years ago


by bwx1 8 years ago

definitely one of the better tony duncan vids - he pretty much manages to keep it up throughout, the girl is hot and it's a good cum shot.

as for size i think mandingo is consistently bigger, but tony has brief moments (e.g. when he is cumming) when he is truly enormous and is worth it for those eye-popping moments alone.

cheers for the upload HH

by dee10jay 8 years ago

His cock gets so hard at the beginning of the scene he does with TS Vo D'Balm that he shoots his wad just from her sucking on that big boner.

by HorseHung11 8 years ago

hahaa Yeah I dont think its 18" either but damn sure close (14-16 prob)
JEFF - No sorry , no solos I WISH ! Write the stud and tell him to get on it !
ROBERT - When a guy has a huge dick & not even as big as TONY that will ALWAYS happen.
ATLsexybro Yeah he does , there is a great scene with a hot latina tranny where he is as hard as I have ever seen him !