Relentless heat

Hot sex, followed by a hot shower in this match-up of Brazilian bombshell Marcelo Mastro with a guy named Will. (The clip is nearly four years old, but I'd never seen it before today and I can't find it in the archive. But it belongs there for sure.)

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by caliente1 2 years ago

wow...fucking hot video.. great chemistry!! great ass eating, hot sucking cocks... excellent video.. made cum when the top was eating that muscular ass..his face was sexy as hell lightly moaning.. super hot.

by sekinsocal 2 years ago

very sexy men, but bare is best!

by zorrofan 2 years ago

Marcelo Mastro is one of the hottest fuckers around!

by blkchrome 2 years ago

Beautiful brown bodies!!

by dmaxsba 2 years ago

Nice Fuck But Honestly The Constant "SUCKING SOUND" As If They We're Trying To Deflate A Tire (Just Like 99% Of Euro Porn) Was Enough To Make Me Turn It Off.

by phreddie1 2 years ago

Agreed, bgrod! If the fucking isn't raw, I almost never post a clip, but if its overall hotness is sufficiently high, I make an exception.

by bgrod4u 2 years ago

Hot clip that would have been hotter bareback.

by bigdonato 2 years ago

My goodness, think of the exciting life doug must lead!

by douglasxx 2 years ago

boring cocks

by Polesmoker1 2 years ago

Hot Clip phreddie1 *****