Stuff of Legends 2

The conclusion of Vol. 3 ("Legendary")--part of MachoFucker's celebratory compilation DVD, picks up with hot footage featuring Georgio Black (called "the Russian Daddy" by MF), Champ, Alex the Cuban boxer, Big Marcos, Mr. Marky, & Red. But wait--there's more! As you'll see in the end of that line up, there's actually a fourth volume apparently in the works--a supplementary collection of "backstage" footage. If it's any good, I expect it will show up here sooner (or, in true MF tradition) later.

Comments (5)

by BigPosersBulge 2 months ago

Love the pale bottom Red got -)

by Polesmoker1 4 years ago

HOT *****

by carlocazzone 4 years ago

A hot, hot cumpilation!

by sexualtourist 4 years ago

Starting @ 12:44, seeing Big Marcos jamming his superfat uncut shlong into his partner makes me want to watch all three of his clips pronto. That stud just reeks of raunchy sexual charisma...

by AndyDC 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing this one with us--especially in light of MF's sleazy behavior towards its own subscribers!