The Birkin enigma

This puzzlement began over 2 years ago, when I posted "Not ready for his CU." I recently picked up on it again with "What has gone before" and "He's ready when you are." Now we have the subject of all this build-up--one Joel Birkin--shown at length in a photoshoot that turns into a jacking session. And the question resonates still: why has George Duroy made such a fuss over this guy? Yes, he has a long uncut cock--but, lacking proportionate girth, he could hardly rival Jack Harrer, much less the legendary, now-retired Trevor Yates. Moreover, his physique has only youthful grace to recommend it, and he himself is not exactly Mr. Personality--having a sullen face that displays two basic affects: boredom & mistrust. And yet, over at the BA site, any negative commentary--no matter how diplomatically put--is defensively swatted down by Duroy, who seems convinced that this fellow will 'fit in' with the BA agenda and go on to become a star performer. But you, Your Majesties, do you agree with him?

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by marlins 1 year ago

love that HOODED cock on that sexy man

by LongJohnny 3 years ago

Just take a look at JB as he shows up in his BA videos, and then make a judgement. Joel is interestingly different, but he 'fits'. As ever, George know what he's doing.

by papagallo222 4 years ago

We're ALL your pupils, Crazy!

by jamie931 4 years ago

Esteemed Maestro, I learned everything from studying how you do it!

by crazy4cock 4 years ago

A virtuoso editing job! Superb! Nothing less!

by Gugaone 4 years ago

wow...this guy is so hot and sexy!!!!!!

by zazie 4 years ago

No, I DON'T agree with GD. Birken will only have a marginal, artificial presence on BA

by argus3906 4 years ago

...instead of the nauseatingly cutesy-poo little weasel he is.

by argus3906 4 years ago

@Pole: probably! And when his steady was KevinW, everyone had to pretend HE was adorable. . .

by phreddie1 4 years ago

'Infatuated' literally means "made foolish."