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Though as dick-proud as ever, Jack Harrer happily reverts to the bottom role in this encounter with Alec Rothko. Although Alec has been dissed by some of BA's fan-base for not being as pretty as the other guys on the roster, I find his boy-next-door looks & slightly awkward moves much more appealing than the coquettishly calculated persona Jack Harrer usually projects. However Jack's cumshots--including the one seen here--are always a big plus. [NOTE: This is a post I edited and uploaded, but then took down because its rating had been reduced to one star (!) by that nutcase hacker. It's too good to be lost to the MCL archive, I think--like some others I intend to repost now the threat of sabotage is over.]

Comments (3)

by chippendalexxll 4 years ago

Beautiful clip

by samsex 4 years ago

And it stays up while he's getting fucked!

by vincentdargelos 4 years ago

Harrer's shlong is pretty irresistible.