M.O.N.S.T.E.R......C.O.C.K.. 15.17 minutes

15.17 minutes ... need I say more. I believe this is BARRET LONG'S latest video. To see more of this monster cock, click on the BARRET LONG tags

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by domingo 10 years ago

is a magic monster fuck...wow

by deepthroatfan 10 years ago

nice big fat dick, but the guy can't suck .. :-(

by adrianswe 10 years ago

He's sooooo big!

by hothole 10 years ago

the cock of my dream!!!

by adriano93500 10 years ago

it s so silly to have the best set of balls in gay porn and to keep it in trousers during 6 minutes

by SuckerHH 10 years ago

great cock!

by hngtop4bttmz 10 years ago

That is a HOT video! Barrett Long is a HOT HOT HOT SEXY STUD!! He is very very cute and a GORGEOUS HUNK of cock! lets see more of him!