BARRET LONG ... 5-some

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8.39 minutes ... Enormous BARRET LONG in office 5-some

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by theminx 11 years ago

Looks like just like the rest of us, Barret wants to suck his cock too! I WISH I could have gone to a school like this! Geeze!

by careem 11 years ago

Barret certainly isn't the largest of this bunch. The second from the end is enormous. His dick and balls are much, much larger than Barrett's. The guys cock is so much larger than the others it isn't funny. Barret much be jealous of this guy. Not much of his is shown. Mostly the blonde sucking Barret. Would be better for the blond to such number 2's dick. Now that would be a challenge....

by wolfrolf 11 years ago

the blonde guy, barret and the guy left from barret was my favorite men!

by wolfrolf 11 years ago

the blonde guy, barret and

by dave57888 11 years ago

my ultimate fantasy, thanks so much xx

by RickPatrick 11 years ago

Intriguing--I want the boss AND number 2. Thanxxx for sharing.

by dalton66 11 years ago

Damn nice!