Cowpoke packs pistol & ammo

A classic j/o scene from a 1980s movie, "U.N.C.U.T. Cock Club of LA," where a Johnny-Hardin look-alike beats his meat and manages to self-suck (AND lap at his balls) from a standing position. In fact, big as his cock is, it's those balls--smooth, low-slung & almost liquid in their movement--that make this scene so memorable for me. No one knows who the cowboy was, and no other footage of him has ever turned up.

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by DEVI8TOR 6 years ago

papagallo222. You really enjoy bullying people online huh?
Me and alot of others on this site I've noticed.
I hope it makes you feel like a man as it seems to be alot of work for you.

by bigdonato 6 years ago

In a magazine spread, he was called "Ken Rogers."

by royboy361 6 years ago

I still have this vid too.
This was the first vid I've seen a guy just bend over and start selfing. What a turn on.

by sfcastro 6 years ago

still have this on vhs.....just can't throw it away....

by vhailor48 6 years ago

wow that was pretty hot :)

by phreddie1 6 years ago

A beautiful three-piece set on that guy!

by AndyDC 6 years ago

Another golden oldie from my dissolute youth!