Cry Havoc!

For those who were curious to see more of Jake Havoc, here's a re-edit of the 'Big Boat' scene I turned into a Barrett Long vehicle earlier today. In this version, I've concentrated on Havoc (the official star of the proceedings), who, as you see is just as hung as he appeared to be (however briefly) in the first version. The original footage (approx. 14m) had several passages of internal looping (i.e. repeats) in it, so, in trying to edit them out of the BL edition, I clumsily lost a minute here and a two minutes there of perfectly good stuff. This time, I made hardly any such blunders, so JH is seen to the best possible advantage. (BTW, he looks to me like a very dissipated Jason Adonis, but what he lacks of Jason's comely features, overall bod & spectacular butt is more than compensated for in upfront meat.) A Studio 2000 excusive, Jake seems to have made about a dozen videos between 2004 & 2008, details of which (plus info on him) may be easily found via the usual Googling manuveurs.

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by sunshinebear 6 years ago

Does anyone know if Barrett escorts?

by gailbie 6 years ago

thanks papa! never saw him b4 you posted these 2 clips. i like!

by nokiaboy 6 years ago


by kocky88 6 years ago

great post. super hot. made me cum

by papagallo222 6 years ago

Fame sometimes come down to charisma--or lack thereof. Besides besing hung like a mule, Barrett Long has a unique persona--plus ambition and the gift of gab. This Jake must have had considerably less personality and "range," and perhaps he never really wanted a big career.

by geiser 6 years ago

And great balls too!! Pity Flowplayer is a lousy system so I can't watcvh the clip flowingly

by snarglee 6 years ago

great BIG cut meat...slurp!!!!!!!!!

by mostro 6 years ago

Great video... give us more of this guy...

by msavitt 6 years ago

Thanks, Papa, his nuts are amazing.

by XYChromo 6 years ago

He should have been better known,. That's major meat. (Too bad he's cut, though.)