Bo Sinn sins sans Clearasil

Discovered once as 'Ryan' (see Ten inch Ryan), then as Yan Devo and most recently as Bo Sinn, hung big uncut tatted muscleman of French Canadian origins shows what he is made of, a gorgeous bubble butt and a large piece of equipment on one of the sexiest tatted bodies trying to make way into the porn biz. Whether he needs Clearasil on his butt cheeks or not, here he is. Yours truly,

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by DEEPHOLZ69 2 years ago

oh noxzema will clear those pimples off that hot butt up in a week

by DEEPHOLZ69 2 years ago

Maybe those pimples on his ass came from getting pounded by some dick himself but in private. I would really like to see him take some cock up that hole. YUM YUM.

by chippendalexxll 2 years ago

A real great clip....super

by Internationalmuscle 2 years ago

To be fair, we dont have any way to know whether he is on steroids. Whjat I mean is that those muscles and tgat acne on his butt are not proofs. He has a sexy muscula ripped body, probably more from a combination of calisthenics and weights and good genes than anything else.

by z_karpathy 2 years ago

And btw, jim, IM already established that steroid use, while it might cause pimples on the BACK, isn't implicated in butt acne. Look it up & you'll see he's right. (As the one who originally made that erroneous connection on a previous post, I DID look it up, and I stand corrected.)

by Internationalmuscle 2 years ago

Sorry jimbloski but those muscles are easy to get naturally. Dont be so judgemental and enjoy the show,

by jimbloski 2 years ago

That boy didn't get those muscle by natural means.....those pimples on his ass are the result of steroids. Still, he has a magnificent cock and body!!!